How to Create a Comfortable Study Environment

The right study environment can make or break your concentration. You want a comfortable place to look over your notes to keep your focus in check. The following tips will help you create the best study environment possible no matter where you are.

1) Sustenance
Sometimes, a midway study break is a necessary thing. So don’t torture yourself if you work better in spurts, but don’t give yourself license to to take a break anytime things start looking stressful. A great way to minimize breaks is to have sustenance at the ready. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself though – binging on junk food could make you sick enough that you have to cut your evening short. Instead, stock up on water, healthy carbs (for energy) & if you must consume caffeine, stick to herbal tea or something else that won’t inhibit your ability to focus (in other words, avoid sugary pop or acidic coffee, which can wreak havoc on a stomach late at night).

2) Distraction-Free
You need to be able to think clearly if you are going to actually process any material. Therefore, you should be in a place where nothing will distract you. This means away from the TV, the computer, or even friends. Lock yourself in a classroom or study cubicle. Do whatever you need to get away from the outside world.

3) Loose Clothing
One of the easiest ways you can make yourself comfortable while studying is by wearing loose clothing. You do not want to be adjusting the straps to a mini dress or pulling down a top every five minutes. Furthermore, the last thing you want to worry about is having to get up and change halfway through your evening. If you are wearing comfortable clothing, then you do not have to worry about it distracting you.

4) Don’t Get Too Comfortable!
When you think of comfort, a nice place to relax usually comes to mind. That is great, but study time is not a time to relax. A comfortable study environment is one that lets you work in peace. You are able to work long hours without getting tired or disengaged. You need to keep these aspects in mind when creating your study space. You do not want to be so comfortable that you begin to fall asleep! That would defeat the purpose of studying. You should never work or study in bed because that is just asking for it. Instead, you need to be in a proper chair surrounded by light. This will keep you up, and working more efficiently than anything else previously mentioned.

The key to a good study environment is its ability to help you focus. You can have no distractions. As long as you keep the above tips in mind, then you shall be able to study just fine.

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