Two doctors from the Swedish Neuroscience Institute will host an online live stream to give viewers a rare, behind-the-scenes look at deep brain stimulation for essential tremor surgery.

On Friday, Dec. 16, 2011, Drs. Ryder Gwinn and Ron Young of the Swedish Neuroscience Institute will host an online live stream to discuss the affects of Essential Tremor (ET) disorder and the various treatment options available at Swedish as well as throughout the country. The webcast will feature a deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgical procedure, accompanied by a live web chat led by Drs. Gwinn and Young. The webcast will be embedded on Swedish’s Web site at www.swedish.org/DBSLive.  Viewers will be able to submit questions regarding ET, DBS surgery and any other ET treatment options, such as Gamma Knife, throughout the live stream using an embedded chat feature or via Twitter using the hashtag #SwedishDBS. Anyone interested in learning more about ET and the various treatment options available at Swedish and elsewhere are encouraged to join the live stream and related discussion.
The live stream will be hosted by Drs. Ryder Gwinn and Ron Young, neurosurgeons at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute (SNI), along with a Swedish DBS for ET surgery patient. Dr. Jennifer Witt, a movement disorders neurologist with SNI will also be joining the conversation to discuss the medical management of ET.

Matt Miller, a Swedish DBS patient from Seattle, will join Drs. Gwinn and Ryder during the webcast to talk about how his life changed forever after undergoing deep brain stimulation surgery. Here is a YouTube video we shot this week of Matt doing simple daily tasks with the DBS device turned on in comparison to when the device is turned off. You could embed or link this video in your blog post.

Essential Tremor is the most common neurological movement disorder affecting Americans, yet most people are unaware of the disorder and the available treatment options. Simple tasks like eating, combing your hair, or writing a thank-you note can be impossible for those suffering from ET, but because of the lack of awareness for the disorder, most of the time, it goes untreated. Drs. Gwinn and Young are hosting this webcast to increase awareness of ET and the innovative treatment options such as deep brain stimulation surgery and Gamma Knife that are available at Swedish and elsewhere.

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