Unlocking the Power of the Mind

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Don’t Underestimate It

Many people vastly underestimate just how influential our mind is on the world around us. For the most part, people feel that our thoughts are intangible, and they have no real effect on the physical world. This is very far from the truth. While I wouldn’t say you should run outside and start to attempt to levitate rocks with your mind, you should know that how you think affects how you feel, and ultimately, how you act.

The mind is a powerful force. If you feel that you are powerless to change a situation in your life, then that is what will keep happening in your life. Thoughts become tangible because we act based upon our beliefs. If we feel that we can change something, get that promotion, or build that home, you will accomplish it. It all starts with the mind.

Keep it Strong

Now that you know how powerful the mind is for affecting your life and your environment, you have to know how important it is to condition it as well. Just like the body, the mind can be sculpted. Based on how you use it, the mind can become more or less powerful. If you spend all day watching television, or wandering around directionless with a glazed look in your eye, your mind will weaken, and so will its influence on your surroundings.

That is why you need to exercise your mind. Just like you would not sit around and let all your muscles waste away, don’t let this happen to your mind either. The mind needs constant sharpening and exercise. It is true what they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. So consider making the effort to learn something new every single day. There are also plenty of great brain games out there which let you flex your creativity, neuroplasticity, memory, and focus.

Out With the Bad

Another way to unlock the power of the mind to improve your life is to air out your toxic thoughts. It is very human to have negative and toxic thoughts. We tend to get down on ourselves, say things to ourselves like we aren’t good enough, strong enough, or worth anything.

While it is ok and often unavoidable to come across these thoughts sometimes, the important thing is you do not take them in. Don’t believe them. Think about it logically. How many times have these negative thoughts ever served you in a beneficial way? The answer is never. So simply do what you do with all other trash, acknowledge it is there, then get rid of it!

Stay Consistent

One of the most fundamental parts of unlocking your mind’s potential is to persevere. You will likely have good and bad days, days where it is easier to stay focused and positive, and days where it is harder. The important thing to remember is that you just need to stay consistent. Even if you fall short one day, keep going back every day and improving on yourself. One day you will discover you are exactly where you always imagined you’d be.

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