An aging brain is a distracted brain

You’re sitting there with seven tabs open on your internet browser. Plus another one for your email. Your phone is going off, three texts from a friend inviting you out this weekend. There’s a Facebook notification that someone “liked” that … READ MORE>>

Uncanny Valley

With bright red lips, rosy cheeks, and painted smiles, clowns are creepy. They make us balloons shaped like puppies, dance and tell jokes; they even come out of small clown cars, all to make us laugh. So why are these … READ MORE>>

Your Brain on Pumpkin Pie

You take a slow bite of the pumpkin pie, a hint of cinnamon behind the rich pumpkin flavor. With a crumbly crust and thick whipped cream, you’re settling into autumn the way you should be. Or should you? With refined … READ MORE>>


Like every other thing in life, college, too, comes with baggage. The more you try to unpack the baggage, the more you have to deal with. On a typical Friday night, you will be at your room, studying for a … READ MORE>>

Can Birth Control Thin Your Brain?

The advent of birth control has revolutionized the role of females in society: women now have control over when (and if) they want to have a family, allowing them to pursue meaningful careers and alternate paths. Furthermore, many hormonal birth … READ MORE>>

The Teenage Brain

“Andrew seemed trapped somewhere between childhood and adulthood, still in the grip of confusing emotions and impulsive behavior, but physically and intellectually more man than boy… As his mother and a neurologist, I thought I knew everything there was to … READ MORE>>

Top Scientists Convene at the New York Academy of Sciences to discuss brain development in the early stages of life

The Fifth Annual Aspen Brain Forum convened last week in New York City, at the New York Academy of Sciences’ new headquarters in World Trade Center’s seventh tower, from November 11-13, 2014, an event sponsored by the journals Science, The … READ MORE>>

Brain-STEM: Using Interdisciplinarity to Improve Our Minds and Our Schools

“The illiterates of the future are not those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, un-learn, and re-learn.” — Alvin Toffler, Futurist Students beginning kindergarten this fall will likely retire around the year 2075. An unpredictable world … READ MORE>>

How Do Videogames Change Your Brain?

A visit to your local GameStop can prove overwhelming when faced with the seemingly innumerable choices of videogames stacking the shelves before you. They range from shooter games like Call of Duty to sports games such as FIFA, role-playing games … READ MORE>>

Stanley Jordan’s Healing Music

In a career that took flight in 1985 with commercial and critical acclaim, guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan has consistently displayed a chameleonic musical persona of openness, imagination, versatility, respect and maverick daring. Be it bold reinventions of classical masterpieces, soulful … READ MORE>>

Reverse Direction Decoding

Revolutionizing How We Teach Reading by Kenneth Wesson A short list of humankind’s greatest achievements would undoubtedly include the use of tools, language and technology. Reading and writing have become so second nature to educated individuals that reading is taken … READ MORE>>

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The Happy School Campaign in South Korea

Over the decades since the end of the Korean War, South Korea has achieved a remarkable economic growth. The country has risen from the rubble of the Korean War (1950–1953) to become the fifteenth largest economy in the world. This … READ MORE>>

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A Revolutionarily Simple Solution to Bullying

by Garret Kramer Recent school bullying and cyberbullying statistics show that one out of four kids are bullied; one in five students admit to being a bully, or doing some bullying; 160,000 students miss school each day for fear of … READ MORE>>

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Super-Hearing: The Secret Power of Learning an Instrument

Cort Christopher, 20, stands in his college dorm room, electric violin plugged into his amp. His door is open and from his room the strains of DragonForce, a British metal band, pour out into the hallway. He is a good-looking … READ MORE>>

Down and Out in Children’s Schools

How Poverty and Stress Affect Brain Development of Children and Impact Learning and Behavior in School by Warrington S. Parker, Jr., PhD, and Brenda A. Parker Teachers in schools with students living in prolonged poverty often get frustrated. In areas … READ MORE>>